MLS $99 Photos Deals!

This offer is only available to New York licensed brokers and salespersons. In addition this photo offer is only available in the following areas:

White Plains*
Port Chester*

There are 3 PayPal or Venmo options to choose from:

$99 3 Photo Offer: Includes 3 prime shots from “front”, “side” and “above birds eye”.

$129 Same 3 Photos but each shot contains 3 exposures that are later merged to create a higher detail more pleasing result. Works well if there are trees and bushes blocking certain parts of the subject property.

$149 Same HDR quality but includes 400ft super high “establishing” shot and “rear” if possible.

If your property falls within controlled airspace there is an additional LPN Airport FAA clearance fee of $29. This is the only additional fee and we will always let you know beforehand – there’s never a surprise. Oh, and if you book 3 or more shots with us, the controlled airspace clearance fees are credited.

Ready to book some aerial photos? Click below and please include the service address in the comments:

MLS Photo Options

What’s the deal with Regular vs. AEB HDR Photos?

Here’s a simple shot of a rental home in Mamaroneck for CS Realty.

HDR Composited Final Image

The location was flooded with trees causing lots of shadows making any one single photo difficult. It’s impossible to expose for the driveway without overexposing the roof.

The solution is to shoot three (or sometimes 5) separate photos as shown below. One slightly under-exposed:

Original Under Exposed Image

Then one normal image:

Original Notmal Exposed Image

And finally one slightly over exposed to capture the darker shadowed regions:

Original Over Exposed Image

Then to photos are merged together using HDR software and the final result is uploaded and ready to view on MLS.